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The Dragonfly Festival is free, family-friendly and open to the public. The Dragonfly supports the mission of Arts! Ashland Alliance, Inc. to promote and feature Ashland’s diversity, showcase Ashland musicians and artists, grow our local cultural economy and provide support for downtown Ashland revitalization. The Dragonfly Festival is located at the Ashland Historical Society and The Corner Spot. The Ashland Historical Society abuts Mill Pond and the Sudbury River, a natural habitat for the dragonfly. In mythology, the dragonfly represents change, wisdom and potential. As a symbol for the Festival, the dragonfly supports our theme of community renewal, growth and diversity.

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Illuminate Ashland

Annemarie's Dance Centre has partnered with Arts! Ashland Alliance and the town of Ashland to shine a light on our thriving arts community. A walking path through the downtown area will take participants through spaces in town that will host various local talent.The spaces will be lit with beautiful luminaries that are created by students, community members and purchased by interested businesses. The event will bring families to the downtown area, display the vital role the arts play in our community and create an atmosphere of beauty and peace around the holiday season. This is a free event for friends and families. Food and drink may be available for purchase at some of the stops. Leave your car behind while you experience the magic of the season, the beauty of the luminaries and the importance of the arts in Ashland

Ashland Cultural District

There is no community without culture: it defines our understanding of the world, provides us with a shared language, and creates meaningful connections between people, places, and institutions. Culture enriches the quality of life and well-being of individuals and families.

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The Stage!

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